Sustainability Practices at Opportunity Factory: A Showcase of Artisan Excellence

Sustainability Practices at Opportunity Factory: A Showcase of Artisan Excellence

Crafting with a conscience! Read how Kenyan artisans at Opportunity Factory, like Nakshi Glass and Dragonfly Designs, transform recycled treasures into surprisingly beautiful masterpieces. Embodying innovation and eco-friendly practices, they exemplify our mission of sustainability. Let's delve deeper into each artisan's contribution.

           The making of a mosaic glass.

Nakshi Glass: Transforming Waste into Art

Nakshi Glass, led by the talented Betty, specializes in creating stunning mosaic creations from recycled glass. This process not only reduces waste but also breathes new life into discarded materials. By using recycled glass, Nakshi Glass prevents these materials from ending up in landfills. The glass is collected, cleaned, and then melted down to be reshaped and repurposed. The recycled glass transforms into beautiful mosaics. These unique pieces are not only visually striking but also serve as a testament to the potential of repurposed materials. Every step, from recycling to molding and creating new shapes, is designed to minimize environmental impact while producing high-quality, sustainable art.

              A lady screen printing.

Dragonfly Designs: Eco-Friendly Printing with a Purpose

Dragonfly Designs brings eco-consciousness to the world of screen and block printing. Their use of premium, water-based inks and commitment to responsible sourcing ensures a minimal environmental footprint. Dragonfly Designs uses water-based inks that are not only environmentally friendly but also deliver vibrant colors and durable prints. These inks are sourced from EU manufacturers who adhere to stringent environmental standards, including the Eco-label. The pigments used in their inks are responsibly sourced, ensuring that their operations support sustainable practices globally.

Dragonfly Designs also offers corporate visual merchandising solutions, including printing on T-shirts, name tags, teardrop banners, tire covers, and tote bags, ensuring that businesses can promote their brands sustainably.


Sustainability is more than just a buzzword; it’s a core principle that guides everything we do. Through the innovative work of Nakshi Glass and Dragonfly Designs, we showcase the beauty and potential of sustainable art and design.

Visit us to experience the transformative power of sustainable art and join our mission to make a positive impact on the environment.



Mark Kamau (Human Centered Designer)